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With over fifteen years teaching experience I've come to see issues such as anxiety and depression becoming an enormous burden on the lives of our young people. After witnessing the impact that anxiety and depression can have I understand the importance of addressing this rapidly growing issue. 

Having completed a degree in  psychology, embarked upon my MSc and gained certification from I can now see that there are numerous ways that we can teach our children to face challenging emotions in proactive and healthy ways. 

I am committed to helping others navigate their way through our fast paced world with a sense of acceptance, contentment and the knowledge that they can handle any obstacle they come across. 

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness refers to paying attention to our present experience in a way that helps us to respond rather than react to difficult situations. It is a sense of inner-stillness and calm that is always available to us, even when our life or circumstances feel uncontrollable and chaotic. It is possible to be mindful of everything in our experience including what we experience through our senses, as well as our thoughts and emotions.


Our emotions are constantly changing. Difficult emotions like anger, stress, fear and anxiety release chemicals in the brain that can make it difficult to learn, and can also make us react, say and do things that we know we shouldn't. By practicing mindfulness we learn to create a mental space when a stimulus occurs so we can replace impulsive reactions with thoughtful responses.

Connections Paihia provides workshops and individualised coaching sessions which help both children and adults  understand the way in which the brain responds to a range of stimuli.  These classes help participants to discover simple yet effective techniques that enable them to regulate their emotional responses, enhance their ability to focus and therefore encourage positive behaviour, enhanced self esteem and a happier approach to life. 

Mindfulness teaches us that we can't stop the waves of emotion and change that are an inevitable part of life but we can learn to ride them. We all have the ability to ride the waves of life without being knocked down and tossed about, mindfulness gives us the mental stability to maintain our balance and remain grounded in the face of anything.


This is a must do if you are like me a busy full time working mum that felt like the world was rushing by too fast. I was stressing out running around like a headless chicken and not remembering simple things. Caele teaches you fabulous and easy tools to enjoy life, work and your kids again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


My daughter was the first of us to experience Caele's wonderful mindfulness program. She loved it and I loved that she was being given some tools to deal with anxiety. I have since participated in a women's class and found it to be incredibly useful. Caele provides a beautiful, safe environment in which to learn these invaluable skills. I'd recommend this class to anyone who is looking to start a tool kit for dealing with behaviours that are no longer serving them or building in any skills they already have. Thank you Caele for this initiative.


“Thank you so much Caele! Jesse has just so loved her week with you and Bella learning about mindfulness. So much fun, activities and encouragement. Thank you for opening her world of thought, empathy and being in the moment. She told me it was better than awesome. You are truly gifted. Arohanui".



"I have just had the pleasure of listening to my 5 year old daughter explain her prefrontal cortex and hippocampus to me. Along with how when she or us feel like we are going to flip our lid (get frustrated, annoyed, sad or grumpy) we can pop the lid back on by breathing with her glitter jar. Thanks Caele we will be back for another workshop for sure. Plus I need a glitter jar for my desk ���� Love your work."


Women's Six week Workshop

A few months ago I decided to take a leap and join one of Caele's Mindfulness workshops. I knew I needed something in my life to help me deal with the craziness that life often brings!

Caele teaches and gives you the necessary tools to help you manage and cope with whatever life throws at you. Mindfulness helps you to slow down, step back, evaluate and appreciate what you have. It also teaches you what's important and what really isn't.

Life in general comes with many challenges and unexpected circumstances, but having a few basic tools to help you and a daily meditation routine, can make a huge difference to one's outlook and perspective on life.

For this reason, I would highly recommend Caele's workshops.

"The workshop is not about filling your daughter's time, it's about ENRICHING your daughter's time with very valid and current subjects. Brisa fully enjoyed her her time at the workshop, learned a bunch, told us all about it, and enriched our time too. Ilha is ready! Oh and glitter jars... I think we are on number 3 already... daddy's one is coming. Keep up the good work Caele."


School Holiday Workshop

This program is amazing. My 10 year old is very shy and has got low self esteem but connections are really helping her focus on how great she is while giving her a positive attitude towards new things. Thank you Caele!


Women's Six Week Workshop

The mindfulness course has given me fantastic tools for dealing with anxiety and stress. I feel so much calmer and better able to deal with what life has to throw at me. Taking the course with others also helped me realise that I was not the only one struggling with things, so it was a supportive and friendly environment. I can't recommend the course more - it will change your life!


School Holiday Workshop

My daughter Erin had a great time at the first holiday program. She learnt heaps and still talks about the amygdala 😂 and meditation. Would thoroughly recommend.

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