Women's Mindfulness Course

We're all in this together.

This six week introductory course provides women with the foundational practices of mindfulness. Learn various strategies that will help to ground you in present moment awareness. These techniques are a fantastic way to become more observant of how our mind works and how we ultimately have the power to choose where our mind goes. Join us in a safe, confidential environment where you can share your challenges with a group of supportive like minded women

Week 1: What is mindfulness?

Week 2: Be right where you are

Week 3: Our story telling minds

Week 4: Working with challenging emotions

Week 5: Willingness to be with things as they are.

Week 6:Moving forward: Plans for continued practice

Each week you will be given downloadable guided meditations as well as readings and activities to support your practice throughout the week. You will also be given access to our private forum so you can share your challenges and successes with other group members.

Captains Loop, Haruru 0204, New Zealand


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